Predefined Character-Like ABAP Data Types

Here is a SAP Quick Knowledge bite for you. There are 5 Pre-defined character datatypes available for you to use in an ABAP program. C,N,D,T,String. D, T are used to define Date and Time variables. C,N are similar as in they can both be used to hold alphanumeric characters, while String is used to hold …

From Report to Smartform : Pros and Cons

During an SAP implementations, many times customer expectations are not well defined and sometimes customers envision something but cannot articulate it properly. Even so, Functional consultants sometimes lack the knowledge to understand the differences between various technologies and options available in SAP.  Over the years SAP has adopted different technologies to solve various business challenges. However …

Code push-down in ABAP Development

S/4 HANA presents a new opportunity for code optimization. If you are into ABAP Development then by now you must already be familiar with the code to data paradigm. In simple terms this means pushing much of the data processing down to where the data resides i.e. the database. Historically SAP ABAP supports 2 kinds …

Enterprise Machine Learning in SAP

In the recent days, buzz words like Artificial Intelligence – AI, Machine Learning etc. are being used quite often. May be they were already present and I have started encountering them recently …who knows. But I always had a belief or a myth that machine learning is going to replace traditional computer programming as we …

Quick K.T. Table Control in Module Pool

Study the statement below:   CONTROLS tc_contrl TYPE TABLEVIEW USING SCREEN dynnr.   I guess you know that this statement is used to declare a table control in a module pool. Because of this statement in your program,  at the UI level , you will simply notice a table control displayed on the screen. Internally …

Object Orientation in ABAP

ABAP had started out as a procedural language primarily for report programming. However later on when the advantages of object oriented concepts were evident to the programming world, SAP introduced object orientation into ABAP and hence ABAP Objects emerged from 4.5 onwards. In this blog I present a non-technical view of these concepts as observed in SAP thru ABAP Objects.

SAP PI Vs SAP Gateway

SAP PI enables SAP integration with 3rd Party (SAP and non-SAP) systems for A2A and B2B scenarios. SAP Gateway on the other hand helps to expose underlying SAP Data using REST based OData Protocol. In this blog post I have tried to explain the difference between the two.

How to confidently crack SAP interviews.

SAP Interviews

Ready to attend your next SAP interview?

You got your interview call. You are excited. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. I can understand the stress interviews can bring.
Here area few Tips you may want to keep in mind before you even start your SAP job search.

SuccessFactors – Here I come

Hi Friends, I have been doing SAP HCM Consulting for a long time now. I have also done development in this area but now that SAP is moving ( or has already moved ) into the cloud domain at full speed, I have decided its time that I too should start learning about SuccessFactors which is …