Beginners-Guide to Predefined data types – download link

Hi Friends,

As promised below you will find my

Complete guide to SAP ABAP Predefined Datatypes.

Click the image/picture below to access and download it.

Remember the info-graphic document is password protected.

Want to know the password ?

Its simple. Just complete the Pre-defined datatypes quiz and submit your name into the leader board ( The SEND button appears at the end of the quiz. After you complete the quiz you will receive an email with the password and your points).

Here is the link to the quiz. :

The quiz is free.

Why is the document password protected if the quiz is free?

That is because I want to give out this guide (one of my prized possessions) to people who take action and deserve it. I don’t mind whatever points you score in the test. All that matters to me is YOU want to master SAP and YOU are taking action for it.


Guide-SAP-Predefined data-types Preview


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