Table Normalization

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Table Normalization is one of the fundamental concepts of database designing. Having sound knowledge of this concept helps us understand how SAP tables are designed.

In this video we will explore this concept with the help of a simple example of student and class data.


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Table Normalization in SAP


  1. rahul

    Sir , the voice quality and audio quality is good. Even though i’m the fresher i understood what is normalization of tables . The way you explained is simple and easy to understand.

    And my question is what about the introduction classes videos like :-

    1.what is sap ? Type of architecture

    And before going to learn data dictionary we have some more to disuss . Finally what i want to say is there any chances of uploading on the topics that i mentioned above.

    • Hi Rahul.
      Thank you for your feedback. Glad that you found the explanation simple enough to understand.

      On Topics like What is SAP, Architecture of SAP etc, I have written on this in the blog in lesson 1, 2 , 3 etc.
      You can read it there. If it is still not clear then let me know what area you want me to elaborate more on and I will plan to make some videos on that as well.


  2. vijay

    what ah clear taught sir I just subscribed you to follow everything thank you, sir, n am feeling hopeful on learning SAP ABAP HANA BASICS FROM YOU

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